“Test the West!” was the campaign of West cigarettes

The German company Reemtsma launched a new brand of cigarettes called West cigarettes in 1981. Initially, these cigarettes were only available in chain tobacco stores. Today, these European cigarettes are exported to some 100 countries.

The West Tobacco brand left its most illustrious mark on product promotion in the marketplace with a series of bold, provocative advertising campaigns. The new brand’s first tobacco products were sold in Germany.

Prior to its launch in 1981, “Go West!” was the slogan of the energetic advertising campaign. It took just one year for the new cigarette brand to achieve first-class sales. In 1986, to raise brand awareness, a major advertising campaign entitled “Test the West!” was launched. The idea was very simple, and the campaign was a huge success.

The campaign took place in entertainment venues and drinking establishments. The company’s promoters would blindfold people who agreed to take part, and ask them to smoke the tobacco products on offer. When they had finished smoking, they were asked to compare their cigarettes with their own.

In 1999, “Test the West!” was developed and a commercial for another tobacco brand called “USE” was launched. The plot and imagery developed were surprisingly bold and provocative.

The main advertising slogan was “Equality for all”. The focus was on young smokers with a different outlook on life. The posters depicted different people in unconventional and intriguing environments.

Particularly striking was the “Silver 25” poster, a special pack of 25 West cigarettes.

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What are West cigarettes?

In addition to the characteristic helix, the filter features a perforated acetate insert. Toxic substance indicators: tar – 6 mg, nicotine – 0.5 mg. West cigarettes are available in three strengths in queen format. The 84 mm length is identical to that of the King size, but the thickness of the pack and the tobacco product itself are much thinner (mg tar/nicotine): red – 10/0.8, blue – 6/0.5, silver – 4/0.4. Fusions are standard-length but are available in Super Slims format. This tobacco product is equipped with a charcoal filter, making the flavor milder. The pack design is contemporary, with reflective logos, smooth shapes and a metallic finish that enhances the overall effect.

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