Samson cigarettes are called after the biblical hero

Smokers know many brands of cigarettes, which are very good-known and widespread. These are brands of perfect quality, but they are probably widespread for the reason that they are very excellently promoted. There are brands, which are lesser-known although their quality is scarcely worse. These are also very

good; rather perfect cigarettes, which have not been widely advertised. But smokers who use them are admired with their aromas. Samson cigarettes are one of these brands.

Samson cigarettes are a brand of Dutch quality. The brand was originally owned by Van Nelle. It was later sold to Koninklijke Theodorus Niemeyer in Groningen and is now produced by British American Tobacco. The name Samson is probably the name of a biblical hero who possessed extraordinary power, Niemeyer’s portfolio of brands also used to have tobacco called Hercules.

Dark Blend of Samson cigarettes is a mixture of dark Virginia, which is placed inside a paper roll. This results in an interesting and recognizable taste, distinguishing the Samson cigarettes. Shag cutting, with a lot of chopped vein, with such a European tradition for Zware. Humidity at first glance seems a little excessive, but this does not affect smoking, on the contrary, it adds convenience for the smoking of Samson cigarettes.

The tobacco of Samson cigarettes is very special in taste, and has various shades of flavors. This tobacco has some sourness, pronounced sweetness, dried fruits, plum, a bit cigar, a little nut and smoky campfire, and woodiness. In the aftertaste wood, plum stone, sweetness. The strength is above average, and is rather high. Very tarous tobacco, does not irritate the mucous membranes, goes very softly, we would say velvety. Another thing to note is the smell of smoke, very pleasant for others.

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