Richmond Australia Cigarettes – diverse and tasteful

Richmond Australia Cigarettes – diverse and tasteful

Richmond Cigarettes, the types of which are very diverse and tasteful, have long occupied their niche in the production and sale of quality tobacco products. Their slogan “Luxury, embodied in cigarettes” says a lot. Producers try to match the raised bar. Innovative developments are used in production, and the range includes various products that find their fans. What kinds of Richmond cigarettes can I buy and what are their differences from other brands?

The brand produces premium-class cigarettes of medium and high price category. Of course, not everyone can afford such a pleasure, but high-quality elite tobacco can not be cheap. “Richmond” attracts only true connoisseurs. The collection of the best cigarettes of this brand uses the innovative system “Platinum Filter” (Platinum Filter), which prevents the entry of dangerous gases and tar. And the packs, covered with metal spraying, retain a unique taste and amazing tobacco flavor.

Richmond definitely differs from other brands of cigarettes, because besides the unusual stylish packaging and high-quality tobaccos, this is a huge selection of unusual and attractive flavors. Many types of Richmond products include cigarettes with different original flavors, strong and light, elegant women’s and truly masculine.

Richmond Aroma Rich is a filling that corresponds to its name; the line includes cigarettes with different original flavors. And the flavor is in the tobacco mixture itself, and not in paper or filter. This product is designed for lovers of quality taste. Another feature is that for the production of cigarettes of this line it is used not ordinary paper, but made of reconstituted tobacco. This allows you to refer products not to cigarettes, but to cigarillos. Most Aroma Rich cigarettes are standard size – King Size, but for those who prefer grace, the manufacturer has released the look of Super Slims.

Aroma Rich may not be liked by everyone – they are designed for real gourmets. Here you can find cigarettes with vanilla, coffee, apple flavor and taste. But the manufacturer does not stop at this, trying new combinations:

· Aroma Rich Irish Coffee

· Aroma Rich Rum & Cherry

· Aroma Rich Vanilla

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