Remember great moments of your childhood while ordering cheap cigarettes online

Becoming smokers and choosing one or another brand is not at all a bright and enticing trick of advertising agencies, which endlessly tell about the great taste and unique softness of cigarettes advertised by them. Despite the emphasis on these properties of cigarettes, we still smoke for other reasons. At least, a survey of several hundred smokers, representatives of completely different layers of society, purchasing cheap cigarettes online, led to this conclusion. Most respondents said that smoking brings them equally strong psychological and physical satisfaction. As one of the respondents explained: “It’s not a matter of taste. The point is the feeling of satisfaction that you can only get by smoking cigarettes. ”

What is the nature of the psychological pleasure of smoking, forcing smokers to order cheap cigarettes online? Of course, the moments of satisfaction. Most likely, it can be attributed to the universal desire for self-expression. None of us will ever fully outgrow our childhood. We always want to feel the freedom and carelessness that we had in childhood. Smoking for many of us is becoming a substitute for the childish habit of following spontaneous whims, a legitimate excuse for a break in work, when you manage to snatch a few moments of pleasure, for which we order cheap cigarettes online. One of those who participated in the survey explained this situation in such a way: “Sometimes you just get tired of constantly working hard. If you lean back in your chair and smoke a cigarette, then you feel much fresher. I don’t think I could experience that without a cigarette. Cigarettes are just a reason. ”

So, we still unconsciously believe in the divine fire that is contained in cigarettes and is inhaled with tobacco smokes, which frees us from anxiety, troubles, anger, bringing some relaxation instead. And we purchase cheap cigarettes online.

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