No smokers will forget Parliament cigarettes

Parliament cigarettes have been a famous cigarette brand since 1931 and are widely sold in Australia. Parliament cigarettes are our favorite brand, it’s a special lifestyle. The best you can get at local shops or at any other stores. If you really want to smoke, then choose Parliament cigarettes with the right nicotine level. This is the best human invention since the time of cars, especially Parliament cigarettes in a soft pack. Come to the country of Parliament cigarettes… where a special taste is born.

The Night Blue Parliament cigarettes that are made from specially selected Orient, Virginia and Burley tobacco sorts with a very balanced full tobacco taste and high nicotine values ​​stand for smoking pleasure and high blend characteristics. The filtered Parliament cigarettes are 100 mm long and are offered in a hard box. Philip Morris comprehends the great importance of very good working conditions for their employees and the necessity of their professional development. As a result, the top value products such as Parliament cigarettes are released to be promoted via our online shop.

Order your Parliament cigarettes conveniently from our online shop. In addition to the Parliament cigarettes, our shop also offers many tobacco products from other manufacturers. Philip Morris International (PMI) pays particular attention to dealing responsibly with the environment and society. They fight the illegal cigarette trade and are proud to support the communities and regions where tobacco is grown and where many employees live and work. And we support it with our services.

Parliament cigarettes

What are Parliament cigarettes?

Parliament cigarettes are manufactured by Philip Morris International and are distributed in great volumes in Australia. Parliament cigarettes are an American brand of cigarettes currently owned and manufactured by Philip Morris USA in the United States and Philip Morris International outside the United States. Night Blue Long Parliament cigarettes have a powerful tobacco flavor with high nicotine content. The longer format of 100 mm gives cigarette smokers a full-bodied smoking pleasure with a strong, spicy taste. A long filter ensures pure tobacco enjoyment without adulterated perfume smells and is suitable for the somewhat more demanding smoker. We reviewed the reactions of smokers and can confirm the statement.

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