Muratti Cigarettes Australia comply with the world-famous credo La Dolce Vita

Muratti Cigarettes Australia comply with the world-famous credo La Dolce Vita

Jan Billingham, the director of mid-price brands, said that the updated line of Muratti Cigarettes is supported through promotions to promote products in the places of expected sales: cafes, restaurants, shops, clubs. A new bundle Muratti format superslims with all its outlines reveals the affiliation of this brand female audience: this is the smoothness of the lines, and embossing, imitating a string of beads made of precious stones. The new package of cigarettes with Italian character according to the design of the designers must fully comply with the world-famous credo La Dolce Vita, which is the legacy of the Italian trend in style and design and reflects the passion and refinement of Italy itself.

The outlines of the new packaging of Muratti Cigarettes of the superslims format have become more smooth, elegant and feminine, which leaves no doubt about the fact that cigarettes are addressed specifically to the female half of the target audience of this brand. Depending on the flavor variant, the packs are painted in gold (Muratti Gold Slims with 5 mg of tar and 0.5 mg of nicotine in a cigarette), silver (Muratti Silver Slims with 3 mg of tar and 0.3 mg of nicotine) or pearlescent (Muratti One Slims with containing 1 mg of tar and 0.1 mg of nicotine in a cigarette). The pack is decorated with embossing, imitating the scattering of precious stones. The lines on the foil inside the pack are repeated on the pearl stringer paper of the cigarette itself.

These cigarettes are mostly light, so they are aimed primarily at the female audience. The difference between them is that light cigarettes have in their composition a lesser amount of harmful substances, tar and nicotine. Apart from this, there can also be developments in the filling of the filter. In a lightweight version, various micro-holes are added to improve ventilation. This helps to keep some of the harmful substances from getting into the body.

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