Kiss cigarettes were created by the best specialists

Kiss cigarettes appeared on the tobacco market quite recently, about 10 years ago. The main distinguishing feature of this brand is its wide choice of flavors. Thanks to the compact size of Kiss cigarettes, they can fit even in the smallest female accessory.

Kiss cigarettes are rightfully considered feminine, as they have a very elegant design. And even the most demanding smokers will find in these cigarettes the taste that they like.

The tobacco products of this brand are produced under the control of the English manufacturer ITC.

The history of the foundation of Kiss cigarettes

Negotiations on the release of this brand began in 2004. The first batch of products went on sale in 2006.

So why do so many people choose Kiss cigarettes? – yes, because the great advantage of this brand is their taste and aroma.

Almost from the very beginning, cigarettes have gained great popularity due to the original smell of smoke. For the manufacture of this brand of cigarettes, hookah tobacco is used. These cigarettes come in a wide variety of flavors: apple, caramel, lime, peach, strawberry and many more.

Where can you find this product?

Our online shop is ready to offer its customers a wide selection of Kiss cigarettes at the best prices. To do this, you do not need to perform complex actions, just a few clicks and you will become the owner of the products of this brand.

Kiss cigarettes were created by the best specialists, with constant quality control at each stage of production. The secret of this quality of Kiss cigarettes is the harmonious selection of tobacco leaves that have been grown in different parts of the world.

The Kiss cigarettes meet the aspirations of girls not to be wasteful and makes it possible to purchase these products at an affordable price.

The Kiss cigarettes are produced under the direction of the Innovation Tobacco Company. The main distinguishing feature of the Kiss cigarettes brand is excellent quality, which is guaranteed by modern production technology. In addition, cigarettes are in full compliance with the wishes of the most picky smokers. Since these products have a female direction, the designers have developed special colorful packaging. With this design decision, Kiss gets another big plus in favor of this brand.

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