Esse Exchange M Mango- Esse cigarettes

Esse cigarettes are super-thin cigarettes produced by the South Korean company Korea Tomorrow & Global. KT&G was founded more than 110 years ago and rightfully occupies a leading position among tobacco industries in South Korea, and is also one of the world’s top five largest cigarette companies.

Esse cigarettes are often purchased by fans of flavored tobacco products. The menthol series is especially popular. And for the fans of “coffee with a cigarette” Esse Cafe – a unique series with a distinct aroma of freshly brewed coffee – was created.

Those who prefer natural tobacco, but sometimes like to indulge themselves in flavored tobacco, should try the Esse Exchange series. Each cigarette contains a small flavored capsule. If you crush it before you smoke, you’ll get a fruity or menthol flavor. Want to enjoy natural tobacco? Just do not touch the capsule!

Esse Exchange M Mango Esse cigarettes are slightly reminiscent of the previous version of Esse, but in addition to the mango flavor, after pressing the capsule, there are mint notes. The mixture is made from different tobacco breeding varieties, so it stretches easily and does not cause discomfort.

In the early 1990s, the manufacturer successfully occupied its niche in foreign tobacco market. There was clearly a shortage of tobacco products and Korean cigarettes got their audience. ESSE uses only high quality tobacco. Each pack looks prestigious, and the taste of the cigarette is pleasant and smoky. The product line includes classic types and flavored ones.

Quality cigarettes with a light aroma of freshness and grapes. Esse Exchange M Mango Esse cigarettes are famous for the unusual, innovative approach. There is a capsule in the cigarette filter. It is filled with a special substance with grape flavor and menthol aroma. If the smoker does not burst this capsule, the taste is classic. This approach allows the smoker to turn a traditional cigarette into a flavored cigarette that eliminates the tobacco odor at any time.

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