Buy cigarettes online – smoking is a part of culture

Smoking is a part of Chinese culture. Here it is customary to use tobacco not only after the meal, but also during it. The desire to buy cigarettes online is also a part of the Chinese culture.
For the first time, tobacco was introduced to China in 1575 from the island of Lucun (Philippines). Later, tobacco leaves began to be delivered by sea, during the execution of the Jesuit mission of Matteo Ricci. In the beginning, smokers dosed their tobacco incorrectly, which was the cause of the poisoning, some developed muscle spasms. As a result, in 1638, the emperor banned the sale and use of tobacco, which was punished by decapitation.

However, the population continued to smoke and by the middle of the 18th century, all strata of Chinese society used tobacco. The process of smoking itself became more noble, special accessories appeared for it: mouthpieces and pipes. Know and wealthy people smoked hookahs. In the 19th century, special establishments were opened, where anyone could smell tobacco of various varieties, from different countries, and also smoke a hookah.
Paper cigarettes in the Middle Kingdom appeared only at the end of the XIX century. Tobacco was smoked by wrapping it in a newspaper. After that, there was started the industrial production of cigarettes. In the 1930s and 1940s, the peak of smoking fashion was in China. Even the fair sex was smoking; a burning cigarette in a tender female hand was a sign of independence and independence. In China, there is even a saying: “Tell me that you smoke, and I will tell you who you are.” Smoking expensive cigarettes is a sign of belonging to the highest class.

Nowadays, all Chinese can buy cigarettes online and smoke them, no at whether they are workers, service people or high staff.

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