West Australia Cigarettes – providing the smoothest and even taste

West Australia Cigarettes – providing the smoothest and even taste

Several years ago, West Cigarettes got a new, innovative filter at that time. This is the so-called STREAMTEC FILTER.
West Silver Cigarettes STF 1pack.
Streamtec Filter is a new technology, a mild taste, a true delight.
20 cigarettes with a filter.

West Streamtec is a wonderful taste of American Blend tobacco and the unique Streamtec filtration system, providing the smoothest and even taste. Today’s smokers will appreciate this filter and in terms of comfort – more stable, it provides the maximum convenience of smoking. Tobacco of American Blend variety combines high quality of Burley, Virginia and Oriental varieties, providing excellent taste, and the design and high quality of the packaging meet all modern requirements. All this turns smoking of West Cigarettes into special moments of the day.

The uniqueness of West Streamtec Filter Cigarettes lies in the design of the filter, which consists of two sections: The first section is a conventional filter with a carbon element. In it, the smoke is mixed with air in optimal proportions, and then passes into the second section. The second section is a special element of Streamtec, made in the form of a propeller. It dissipates the smoke in a special way, allowing you to fully experience the taste of the cigarette.

Thus, in our puny opinion, West Cigarettes are equipped with a filter-mouthpiece, which has no tendency to dream, since it is equipped with a proprietary Vestovsky “propeller”. We dare assume that it is quite a worthy choice in its price category.
Indeed, very convenient. The filter mouthpiece does not crumple, even when the cigarette is removed from the full pack.

These cigarettes always had a beautiful design … each time this characteristic makes everything more interesting. For an inveterate smoker, these cigarettes should be approached both at the price and taste of tobacco.

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