Well-developed machines to produce American Legend cigarettes

American Legend cigarettes are a well-known Greek tobacco brand among smokers around the world. Read on to learn more about the products launched by the Karelia Tobacco Company. Although they have a Greek origin, American Legend cigarettes are popular for their flavorful aroma. The Karelia Tobacco Company started production of American Legend in 1980, and currently exports cigarettes to more than 65 countries around the world.

The company was founded in 1888 by two brothers. Although it is considered the largest cigarette manufacturing company in Greece, it is still run by the same family. Karelia Tobacco reserved the distribution rights to multiple American and European tobacco brands, such as Winston and Camel. A large percentage of the company’s sales expand into global markets.

The makers of American Legend cigarettes tried to emulate traditional American cigarettes, and they did their job well. While focusing on a value-added novelty, the company uses only well-developed machines to produce products of the highest quality. Their cigarettes enjoy great popularity among Asians and Europeans.

The American Legend cigarettes line consists of three types of cigarettes: American Legend Red has a strong tobacco-like taste and smell. It doesn’t have a rough aftertaste. Instead, it has a spicy aroma and a smooth and pleasant combustion. American Legend White has medium-light potency and refined flavor. Its combustion is longer than that of the red version, so it is possible to fully enjoy the smoking process. American Legend Menthol is a perfect tobacco product for those who prefer the mint flavor. It has a rich aroma with uniform combustion. All American Legend cigarettes are made from premium tobacco and are good value for money.

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