Vogue cigarettes – being on the level, being fashionable

You may be skeptical about the coexistence and interaction between fashion and cigarettes. But this is real, and fashion dictates its own rules. Cigarettes always accompany us and directly participate in any events. Therefore, we love them for this.

What was so interesting about the very concept of fashion that put cigarettes on a pedestal?

The year 1932 has forever become significant in the history of art and fashion. It was that year that Vogue became the first fashion magazine to feature color photography on its cover, instead of previously hand-drawn illustrations. And then Vogue cigarettes were released onto the cigarette market – a fresh trend, a new brand aimed only at women. Its airiness and deep taste immediately appealed to American smokers, and later to consumers on other continents.

Unlike others, superslims format cigarettes looked flawless in an elegant woman’s palm. Hollywood directors took advantage of this: in many films of the 40-60s, elegant actresses smoked superslims. For many years, a long thin cigarette remained an important part of the image of a fatal beauty, a stealer of men’s hearts.

Smoking Vogue cigarettes meant being on the level, being fashionable, and, accordingly, very independent and independent in life.

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What are Vogue cigarettes?

Currently, Vogue cigarettes are considered one of the world’s most famous brands. These cigarettes are replenished with new lines. The phenomenon of this brand emerged in 1955, when Stephano Brothers Ltd. I started selling these cigarettes on the US tobacco market. However, Vogue was somewhat different then – the cigarettes were in king size format, without a filter and in black cigarette paper. At the same time, from the very beginning of its promotion, the brand placed itself among the most beautiful cigarettes for women. Since 1987, the Vogue brand has become part of British American Tobacco and is produced globally.

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