Style cigarettes at discount prices

Light Style cigarettes are tobacco products in which the concentration of reduced nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and carcinogens is retained. In most cases, they contain aromatic components that give the product a soft and delicate taste. To identify light Style cigarettes, markings were invented which are used in the design of the packs. Blue stripes show this product as light cigarettes, silver as ultra-light, white as extra-light, green as an addition of soft menthol.

The length of Style cigarettes varies from 80 to 120 millimeters and a diameter of 5.45 to 7.62 millimeters. Many manufacturers produce a special type of cigarette product that is a treasure for all female smokers. Filters are used to protect these cigarettes, as no harmful substances can enter the body through the filters.

The women’s cigarettes, 90% of which are finished with a dense porous filter, are absolutely safe for the health of consumers and the aromatic substances are present in them. These products are packed in an elegant cigarette box and marked as “light”, “luxury”, “super light”, “extra light”, “slims”, “superslims”.

Art-Super Slims – an international brand of high quality at an affordable price. The cigarettes in this high price segment are light, elegant, high quality and have an attractive packaging. The Style cigarettes are a good example of this type of cigarette. These cigarettes are valued by every woman for their uniqueness, their natural beauty, naturalness and individuality.

The Style cigarettes are manufactured by Reemtsma. The packaging of this brand of cigarettes is aimed at women. It’s no wonder since women are the main target audience. Our online shop offers these Style cigarettes against the cheapest prices that anyone can find online. Ordering of Style cigarettes online is the best way to satisfy your needs of original, aromatic tobacco. And the rest is done by our online shop. We offer the best payment and delivery terms, flexible pricing with numerous discounts for our loyal clients. By the way, our discount policy is developed with regard to each client, so that everyone can consider our regular prices as discounts.

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