Smokers can get cheap cigarettes due to anti-smoking campaigns

The French government unveiled a project to reduce the number of smokers: according to the country’s ministry of health, this campaign will be sponsored with the new “neutral” packaging, which will not have any trademarks, inscriptions and other markings. On one hand, it should reduce cigarette costs, enabling smokers to find cheap cigarettes, first of all, on web stores. On the other hand, done experts find it funny.
It is planned to sell all cigarettes in packs of the same shape, size and color, according to the BBC.

Government proposals are aimed primarily at reducing the number of smokers among young people. The authorities intend to reduce the number of smokers in France by at least 10% in five years.
Health Minister Marisol Touraine intends to follow the example of Australia, which government passed a similar law in 2012. Experts say that the lack of trademarks on packs and replacing them with warnings about the dangers of smoking reduced the number of smokers in Australia.
Tobacco companies question the effect of these measures, for example, Celine Odiber, a representative of Seita, a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco, considers the law to be “completely unintelligible.” “The initiative is based on the Australian experience, which is more than unsuccessful, it was a complete failure,” she said.

“Neutral packaging is equivalent to stealing intellectual property, and we will explore the possibilities of judicial protection.”

They are afraid of negative reactions. But, on the other hand, the bill will enable them to market cheap cigarettes. Each inscription is an additional value that is born by smokers. Cigarette packs without any inscriptions will be surely cheaper.

As for negative impact, that is rather doubtful. Smokers buy cigarettes to consume tobacco, not because of the labeled pictures.

True smokers will be loyal to their beloved cigarettes, no matter whether they are promoted in pictured packs or not. They will rather be glad to order cheap cigarettes.

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