Royal classic Rothmans cigarettes

In our online store, you can find a huge assortment of Rothmans cigarettes. Among the variety of types of Rothmans cigarettes, you can find budget versions of Royals, options for international, demi, king size, Rothmans Compact as well as various types with a capsule. Today in the article we will consider several popular options for the tobacco products of this company; we will talk about their features and technical characteristics of each of the types.

Blue Rothmans cigarettes. To begin with, let’s evaluate Blue Rothmans cigarettes, which are distinguished by their original packaging and unusual design. Among the most significant characteristics are the following parameters: Blue Rothmans cigarettes come in a standard pack, decorated in a combination of white and blue. On the front surface there is a brand designation and a warning about the dangers of smoking. The Rothmans cigarettes pack is made of high-quality materials, which allows it to maintain its shape for several days with active use. Each package contains 20 pieces of king size, they are covered with a special protective layer on top.

Royal classic Rothmans cigarettes. In the final step, we will consider the budget version of the classic Royal Rothmans cigarettes. The price for the presented type of tobacco products is the lowest in the Rothmans tobacco product line. Among the characteristics of Royal Rothmans cigarettes, you can pay attention to the following indicators: The most budgetary version of Rothmans cigarettes is also available in classic packaging. Of course, its design and quality leave much to be desired, but it will be able to hold out during the day.

The Rothmans cigarettes brand has enormous fame. In 1976 she sponsored the Hong Kong Sevens rugby competition. Also from 1970-2002, the Rothmans Football Yearbook was sponsored, dedicated to the annual review of UK football teams: results, team composition, transfers, records and more.

Since 1982, the Rothmans cigarettes brand has actively supported motorsport – sponsoring the Porsche, Subaru and Honda teams, which won a number of prizes. From 1994-1997, the Rothmans brand became a sponsor of the Ulyams team in the Formula 1 championship, and was also the personal sponsor of the greatest pilot Ayrton Senna da Silva.

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