Rothmans Cigarettes Australia – the Reduced Smell technology

Rothmans Cigarettes Australia – the Reduced Smell technology

Rothmans brand first appeared in stores in London in 1890. Keeping English quality traditions, today Rothmans Cigarettes are sold in more than 70 countries of the world, offering premium quality at a reasonable price. The Rothmans family also presents 4 versions with a capsule and Reduced Smell technology (less smell of tobacco smoke). Mandarin and berry flavor capsules in Demi format, as well as citrus flavor capsules in the formats Demi and Superslims. The capsule complements the taste of tobacco without interrupting it, and Reduced Smell technology allows you to leave less smell of tobacco smoke on your hands, hair and clothes.

Rothmans King Size Blue Cigarettes are the cigarettes with a pleasant and mild taste. Packing of this kind is distinguished by original design, corresponding to the English style. The contrast of blue and white emphasizes the luxury of these models and attracts the attention of buyers. The length of these products is 85 mm; the filter is charcoal, brown. The tar is 12 mg in this form of cigarettes, nicotine – 1 mg, carbon monoxide – 10 mg.

Rothmans King Size Blue Cigarettes are made of first class quality tobacco; therefore they remain the leader in the market of tobacco products of an average price category. Aristocratism, refinement and prestige are the main characteristics of this product. This is a modern format, tar – 6 mg, nicotine – 0.5 mg, a pack of white is complemented by a blue contrast.

Rothmans Silver – modern format, tar – 4 mg, nicotine – 0.3 mg, a pack of white with gray insets and a blue inscription, a light version of modern Rothmans Cigarettes.

Superslims Blue is a thin white packwith a blue insert. Cigarettes are characterized by a thinner diameter, tar – 5 mg, nicotine – 0.6 mg.

Superslims Silver is a thin white tutu with a gray insert. Thin products, light version, tar – 3 mg, nicotine – 0.4 mg.
Rothmans Nanokings – a classic blue pack with a gold frame, a miniature design, tar – 6 mg, nicotine – 0.5 mg.

Rothmans Demi Blue is a blue pack with silver notes, the products are smaller than usual, but thicker than Superslims, tar – 6 mg, nicotine – 0.5 mg, the filter is an updated Premium + * that does not bend and keeps the shape while smoking.

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