R1 Cigarettes Australia – a desire to tell about the brand

R1 Cigarettes Australia – a desire to tell about the brand

R1 Cigarettes have a beautiful pack and comfortable style. Some smokers have only been smoking them for many years. We can say one thing: they offer a very pleasant taste, which is still very mild. These are light cigarettes, but you feel like you’re smoking, and not just blow a cloud. Compared with the other cigarettes, they are really pleasant; there is not that taste of “grass” in the smoke. That’s why there was a desire to tell about them in more detail.

R1 Cigarettes have a number of distinctive features that allow them to lead the market along with other, no less famous brands. First, the best varieties of tobacco are used to produce such products. This explains their exceptional taste. Secondly, R1 Cigarettes contain a minimum amount of harmful substances in comparison with other brands. Currently, there are 8 different types of this product on sale:

· Lights Flavor

· Minima

· Minima Slim Line

· Slim Line Rich Blue

· Super Slims

· Slim Line Fresh Menthol

· Super Slims Flair

· Vanity aroma.

We would especially like to note R1 Minima Cigarettes. Their manufacturer is currently the Imperial Tobacco Corporation, which in 2002 was acquired by the German tobacco empire Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken. Now many famous brands belong to it.

The products are manufactured in accordance with the modern German technology and are packed in rigid packs of white color, 10 pieces each. On the front side of the package there is a trade mark logo in the form of a blue rectangle with an inscription. Cigarettes have a pleasant, rich taste due to the use of special flavored tobacco. According to the main indicators, they belong to the category of super light, since they contain only 0.1 milligrams of nicotine and 1 milligram of tar per one unit of production.

Many people mistakenly believe that R1 is women’s cigarettes. This misconception is primarily caused by a low content of tar and nicotine in the product.

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