Pall Mall cigarettes have never been more famous

Pall Mall is owned by British American Tobacco Corporation and is one of the ten best-selling tobacco products. The brand was created at the end of the 19th century and has always positioned itself as a premium brand. It was thanks to him that tobacco enthusiasts discovered “king-size” and “long” formats. The manufacturer wasn’t afraid to break standards and introduced an 85 mm long product, later followed by an extended version, the 10 cm version.

Pall Mall has always been famous for its strong but not raucous flavor. The secret lies in the unique paper sheath filling technique and the careful selection of raw materials, using the finest Burley, Oriental and Virginia leaves. We invite you to try this legendary tobacco brand. On our site, you can buy both wholesale and retail products.

Pall Mall cigarettes are distinguished from other brands by their design, taste and aroma. The packaging varies between red, blue and green, depending on the type. There’s also a shield-shaped logo with the words Pall Mall and a crest with three wings.

Place your order of Pall Mall cigarettes online. Managers will contact you and clarify the necessary information. If you have any questions or doubts, our consultants will help you decide on the right products. Taking into account your wishes, preferences in aromas, intensity, and the presence of tars, you will be offered a profitable option for purchase.

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What are Pall Mall cigarettes?

Pall Mall cigarettes are 85 mm or 100 mm long and contain a variety of Turkish, Virginia and Burley tobaccos. They also vary in strength, nicotine and tar content. Some Pall Mall varieties have a capsule in the filter, which can be chewed to modify taste and flavor. Pall Mall cigarettes are a varied choice for different types of smoker looking for the ideal flavor and strength. Pall Mall cigarettes feature high-quality tobacco, elegantly designed packs and affordable prices. Particularly noteworthy are Pall Mall cigarettes with capsules, which allow smokers to modify the taste and flavor of the tobacco as they smoke. Simply press the capsule into the filter to enjoy a new sensation. Pall Mall capsule cigarettes are available in a variety of flavors, including menthol, lime, and berry, cherry and orange.

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