Our online shop manages to promote discount Esse Cigarettes in Australia

Esse is an internationally renowned brand of ultralight cigarettes currently owned by Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation. The brand was introduced in 1996, having gone a long way in more than 20 years to gain popularity in Australia. Our online shop manages to promote the discount Esse Cigarettes in Australia.

In its product, KT & GC uses only elite varieties of tobacco that are supplied from all over the planet. Although the company grows most of its tobacco on its own, on home plantations.

The company allocates huge funds for the development of unique fertilizer recipes, attracts leading experts in the agricultural industry, and creates the best working conditions for them. Everything is done to have a stable production, unique in quality and variety in the range to win the market. And our online shop manages to promote discount Esse Cigarettes in Australia.

The product has established itself so well on the Australian market that over time, manufacturers decided to seriously expand the production range. Sorts of cigarettes with the most diverse tastes and aromas began to appear under the Essay brand, the manufacturer began to experiment and make bolder decisions, expanding the audience of the product, which is confirmed by customer reviews. Not every manufacturer specifies the composition of a cigarette with the same extreme accuracy as KT&GC does. On the pack, they indicate the amount of nicotine with an accuracy of 2 decimal places. The inner part of the pack is wrapped in holographic foil applied using the embossing technology.

A rare and elite guest in tobacco shops, “Esse Cafe” will please the lover of aromatic coffee combined with light cigarette smoke. A unique designer filter of golden color was created for this model. The amount of nicotine in one piece is more than the average – as much as 4 milligrams. It is pleasant to smoke this work of art, in the process the feeling of a real coffee drink appears in the mouth. The cigarette pack is thin, graceful, like a lady.

Our online shop manages to promote these discount Esse Cigarettes in Australia.

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