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The Viceroy cigarettes trademark is one of the key brands of British American Tobacco, which allows the corporation to take a leading position in the segment of budget products. Wholesale of Viceroy cigarettes began in 1936 – these were the first tobacco products with a curved filter. Then, in 1952, cellulose acetate was added to the filter of cigarettes of this trademark.

In 1990, the company expanded its line of Viceroy cigarettes – their admirers were able to buy Lights Box Kings and Viceroy Box Kings cigarettes. A little later, Weiss Roy cigarettes with a menthol filter were made. Then the packaging of tobacco products experienced a rebirth, but the excellent taste of Viceroy cigarettes remained unchanged.

The name of this trademark is of royal origin, and from French Viceroy is translated as return on investment. Today you can buy Viceroy cigarettes in our online store at excellent prices. Order Viceroy cigarettes online cheaper. Ordering Viceroy cigarettes online – is that possible? Of course it works! In our shop for cheap tobacco products you will find different types of Viceroy cigarettes. Whether you want to buy your cheap Viceroy cigarettes online and pay by card, we now make it possible!

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