More cigarettes with all formats

In May 1999, the Japanese tobacco company Japan Tobacco Inc. bought the business of the American R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company outside the United States. Since then, well-known brands, among them More cigarettes, have become the property of the Japanese company, which has become the third largest tobacco company in the world.

The share of sales of Japan Tobacco International (JTI) in the market is approximately 35%, which makes the company to one of the largest manufacturers of tobacco products.

More cigarettes were originally tested in Oklahoma City in 1974, the More cigarettes brand was introduced nationally by RJ. Reynolds Tobacco Company in June 1975. More cigarettes were initially sold to both men and women, and then shifted its focus to female consumers. It usually has a dark brown (rather than traditional white) wrapper and is usually 120mm long. The More cigarettes brand, however, produces shorter versions with a typical white wrapper and white or cork filters.

Bridging the gap between cigars and More cigarettes was the first successful cigarette with a diameter of 120 mm. It had a strong flavor and contained more tar and nicotine than most filtered cigarettes on the market. It is sold with both full flavor and menthol flavor. Currently considered a niche brand, R.J. Reynolds is still being sold but not promoted by advertising. It is sold under license to various other tobacco companies around the world under the name More International. The brand has been expanded to include “light” styles: brown and white 120 mm and beige 100 mm.

At the moment, the More cigarettes brand includes all varieties of popular cigarette formats. Analyzing the brand’s products, we can say that the company’s task is not so much to gain a significant market share, as to indicate the presence of the brand in popular segments.

If 120mm long More cigarettes can still be attributed to the category above average, then regarding the rest of the products – the issue is controversial. In any case. With regard to names, everything happens according to the classical scheme. The color scheme of the pack in red, blue and gray colors indicate the strength of tobacco. The names are also appropriate: Red, Blue and Silver. To specify the format of Slims, the phrase Cruise Compact is used (analogous to Nano and Demi in other brands).

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