Lonely cowboy tale for those who buy cheap cigarettes

There was a Lonely Cowboy. And more than anything, this cowboy loved three things: wearing leather clothes, drinking strong tea from an iron mug and smoking Marlboro cigarettes (he was not rich, but managed to buy cheap cigarettes of this brand). During his free time, the Lonely Cowboy captured wild mustangs, admired sunsets and sunrises in the beautiful mountains and valleys, and also shot at empty packs of Marlboro cigarettes.

But one day, bad congressmen issued a decree stating that smoking is dangerous to health and should be banned. And banned. But since the Lonely Cowboy with his colleagues – not such lonely cowboys – did not read any decrees, he continued to smoke for his own pleasure (and he still found the opportunity to buy cheap cigarettes). And then evicted all smoking cowboys in a separate reservation …

Since then, the cowboys live among wild rocks, unprecedented beauty of Mountain Rivers and waterfalls, crimson sunsets and other primeval beauties, which are called so: Marlboro Country. Their president is the Lonely Cowboy. Many now dream of visiting this country, admiring its beauty. However, getting a visa is very difficult because you need to comply with the harsh but fair laws of the Marlboro Country. You can not smoke, but you must:

  1. Wear only leather clothing and a wide-bred cowboy hat.
  2. Drink only strong tea or coffee from an iron mug.
  3. Rush on mad mustangs along valleys and hills, and especially – on Fast Mountain Rivers, splashing water beautifully.
    And then, perhaps, you yourself will not notice how you find yourself in Marlboro Country – even if you have to give up for this purpose countries with other names. But then you will breathe the air of the amazing Marlboro Country with a reduced content of essential oils and tars.

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