King сigarettes – remember your youth

We want to tell you about this miracle of tobacco engineering. This is known under the noble name ” KING “. These are King сigarettes. Pack: The tutu looks elegant, the inserts shimmer – pleases the eye. As soon as you show it to your surroundings, everyone will immediately understand that you are a rich and successful person, just like an Arab sheikh. It is quite strong (it did not wrinkle in the pocket).

Tobacco: King сigarettes are easily smoked, do not smolder very quickly, and even the stuffing is dense. The throat does not get irritated; I did not observe bitterness either. 8 out of 10 Filter: The usual filter, which did not surprise me. It doesn’t get hot or fall apart.

Smoking duration: One smoke is lasts about 20 minutes. The average strength appeals to many smokers, that’s why the cigarettes are blue. King cigarettes with a capsule have an elongated shape, which differs markedly from the standard size of classic tobacco products. And the new technology “Improved Aftertaste” allows you to independently balance the taste of the tobacco mixture and get rid of unpleasant bitterness.

Benefits of King cigarettes with capsules – King cigarettes with capsules are in demand among many smoking men and women due to the following advantages: exquisite packaging design in blue shades; a refreshing combination of blueberries and mint; low cost; thin and elongated format. It is also worth highlighting the minimum amount of aromatic impurities in the tobacco mixture and the use of high-quality raw materials, due to which the products have established themselves in the trade market with buyers and suppliers.

King сigarettes

What are King cigarettes?

King cigarettes are manufactured by CT International EAD. On the pack there is an inscription Fine Tobacco Expertise and Heritage Since, 1947. And that means something like the following: “A fine experience in the manufacture of tobacco dates back to 1947.” King cigarettes are of very decent quality. In King cigarettes, you will find the classic taste of American Blend mixes. The fortress is good. There is a creamy sauce, which only emphasizes the high quality of tobacco. The taste of “The King Original Red” is very similar to the real American “Marlboro” from the 1990s. Here you smoke, and you remember your youth.

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