Karelia cigarettes – remembered for a long time by every lover of a delicious smoke

It is important for every smoker to try different cigarettes. But above all, those cigarettes that may initially be available to him are of interest to him. And such are Karelia cigarettes. They attract because they are produced for both the ultra-low budget segment and the premium class. That is, they can be purchased by all segments of the population. And this is a key motivation!

For the production of tobacco blend, tobacco with a high concentration of sugar is added, and this creates a bright and fragrant aroma. Also in this composition you can feel the citrus taste with sourness. For many people, this taste is pleasant and is chosen for the freshness of smoking. There are also essential oils in the flavor bouquet.

Thick smoke, a special tobacco plume and astringent aroma – Karelia cigarettes will be remembered for a long time by every lover of a delicious smoke.

The modern look makes these Greek cigarettes an essential accessory that suits both women and men who know how to smoke.

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What are Karelia cigarettes?

Karelia cigarettes are a global brand of slim and trendy cigarettes, belonging to the premium segment with distinctive quality. The brand is the brainchild of the George Karelias and Sons family. The trademark lit up Greece with its appearance in 1995. But the parent company was founded in 1888. The founder of the business is the Greek tobacco grower George Karelias. He has created premium quality products, in which the best traditions of Greek cigarette production are present. A series of cigarettes focused on smokers of the legendary varieties of tobacco. Deep taste, bold packaging, and recipes from the George Karelias and Sons family – all testify to the fact that we have a special product in front of us!

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