Karelia cigarettes are an independent brand

Karelia cigarettes are a world-renowned brand of premium modern cigarettes owned by the George Karelias and Sons family. The brand was introduced in 1995, but the history of the parent company dates back to 1888. The company’s origins can be traced back to Greek tobacco farmer George Karelias.

Karelia Tobacco Company Inc is one of the oldest tobacco companies. The company was founded in the 19th century, but despite its venerable age, it has managed to survive by retaining its independence and maintaining the original Greek tradition of tobacco growing. The company’s main products are smoking tobacco, cigarettes in cigarette cases, tobacco paper and cigarillos.

The number of Karelia cigarettes enthusiasts grows year on year. This is due to the balance between great flavor and reasonable price. The cigarettes are characterized by a strong will, a unique color and a pleasant smoke. The packaging design is equally impressive, decorated with delicate traditional flavors.

Place your order of Karelia cigarettes online. Managers will contact you and clarify the necessary information. If you have any questions or doubts, our consultants will help you decide on the right products. Taking into account your wishes, preferences in aromas, intensity, and the presence of tars, you will be offered a profitable option for purchase.

By becoming our regular customer, you can count on promptly delivered orders to Australian cities within 3-4 days. Flexible payment terms and comfortable orders provide an advantage for buyers. For regular customers there is the opportunity to get a discount on all products.

Karelia cigarettes were created as an independent brand for a very specific reason. George Karelias and Sons needed to broaden its loyal customer base, and Karelia cigarettes have responded perfectly to this need, bringing the younger generation into the fold of brand enthusiasts.

What are Karelia cigarettes?

Innovative technologies are used in the production of Slim Karelia cigarettes: high-efficiency filters, high-quality refined tobacco as well as natural paper. Karelia cigarettes are relatively easy to smoke and have a rich taste. The manufacturer does not use synthetic additives, tobacco syrups, flavors or genetically modified products. Since only natural ingredients are used in the tobacco formulation, Karelia Slim tobacco belongs to the narrow category of organic tobaccos. We strongly recommend that those wishing to reconnect with their Greek heritage and discover the taste of naturally grown tobacco contact our online store. We sell our products wholesale and retail. Original only!

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