Gauloises cigarettes were smoked by Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Jean Baudrillard, Jim Morrison

Traditional Gauloises cigarettes are short, broad, unfiltered from dark tobacco from Syria and Turkey, which gives a strong and characteristic aroma. Gauloises cigarettes first appeared in 1910. In 1984, the brand was renamed Gauloises Blondes.

During World War II, Gauloises cigarettes were popular in France. During the Vichy regime, they had an unofficial motto: “Liberté toujours” (Freedom Forever). This brand was also popular with prominent artists of the time, such as Pablo Picasso. They were also smoked by Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Jean Baudrillard, Jim Morrison.

The birthplace of Gauloises cigarettes is considered to be France, where they first appeared under the auspices of Altadis Tobacco Company back in 1910. The brand quickly gained popularity in Western Europe, where it was positioned as heavy cigarettes for bohemians, aimed at wealthy men. Today, the Trademark “Gauloise” belongs to the international corporation Imperial Tobacco.

Initially, high-quality dark tobaccos grown and dried in Turkey and Syria were used to prepare the tobacco mixture of Gauloises cigarettes. Thick smoke, heavy rich taste, and well-recognizable sweet aroma were the hallmark of French cigarettes, but after the change of ownership, the composition of cigarettes changed. The brand smoothly migrated from the category of premium tobacco products to public cigarettes for every day of moderate strength. Tart tobaccos were diluted with a classic American blend, providing cigarettes with a filter.

At different times, admirers of Gauloises cigarettes were prominent artists: Albert Camus, Pablo Picasso, J.P. Sartre, and Jimmy Morrison. Today, Gauloises cigarettes still stand out for the unsurpassed quality of the raw materials used. The manufacturing company keeps pace with the times, using advanced technologies in the production process. Gauloises cigarettes are distinguished by a bright aroma and pleasant taste.

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