ESSE cigarettes are a collection of unique tastes of cigarettes

ESSE is a super-slim cigarette. Product reviews are positive. KT&G was founded more than 110 years ago and rightfully occupies a leading position among tobacco industries. You can enjoy the unique tastes of cigarettes, selecting the Esse brand.

ESSE uses exclusively high quality tobacco for unique tastes of cigarettes. Each pack looks prestigious, and the taste of the cigarette is pleasant and smoky. The product line includes classic types and flavored ones. Consumer reviews are positive. The price of cigarettes is not high. You can buy cigarettes in bulk. The price in our catalog is for one block.

Esse Black – strong ladies’ cigarettes with charcoal filter. For production, tobacco is specially dried and finely chopped, which makes the taste rich and thick. There is no pungent smell while smoking, cigarettes do not cause irritation.

Esse Blue – the manufacturing technology is the same as that of Black, but the strength of the cigarette is slightly higher, and the price is the same.
Esse Classic – cigarettes have a traditional, rich tobacco flavor. An elite variety of tobacco is used for production. Due to its thin shape, there is no strong strength in the process. The aroma of the cigarette is restrained.

Esse cigarettes have a light fresh aroma. The filter contains a flavored capsule with an apple and menthol flavor. The consumer has a choice – to smoke the classic version or with a flavor. When you press the capsule, the smell of tobacco practically disappears.
Esse Exchange Club – light, pleasant cigarettes with a menthol capsule. The aftertaste is pleasant, there is no chemical aftertaste.
Esse Exchange DEMI – this brand also has a capsule, but besides the mint flavor, an apple aroma is clearly expressed. By crushing the capsule, the smoker gets a pleasant refreshing effect.
Esse Exchange DEMI Mango – despite the strength, very soft cigarettes with a mango flavor. There is no tobacco smell on the hands afterwards. The aroma of mango is rich and the aftertaste is sweet. The price per block is available.

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