Elegance and styles of Esse cigarettes

The Esse cigarettes brand is famous for its own specific properties that distinguish this brand from products from other manufacturers. The properties include all the components of a classic tobacco product: the outer and inner parts of the packaging including labels; the shape of cigarettes; its own approach to the composition of cigarettes.

The manufacture of Esse cigarettes packaging means the application of pieces of seashell of different colors, after which a thin layer of varnish is applied. On the outer part, as on the inner foil, a holographic embossing is used. The original image of the flowers in the pattern of the packaging is altered by colored smoke.

The shape of cigarettes means a greater length than before in the manufacture of conventional types of cigarettes. The Esse cigarettes Golden Leaf brand is known as the world’s thinnest cigarette. They are exported to many countries. In order to be able to distinguish these cigarettes from the others, the filter has a picture with an inscription. The main indicator of the strength of cigarettes is the content of nicotine and nicotine chewing gum. Such components are minimized throughout the Esse Group. This underscores the affiliation with tobacco products for women. The range of use of nicotine is 0.25-0.65 mg. The nicotine chewing gums can range from 2.5-7 mg.

The Esse cigarettes Cafe brand is preferred by fans of the fragrant coffee drink. A special design gold filter was developed for this line. The nicotine content is 4 mg, but these cigarettes are smoked very lightly and leave behind a pleasant coffee smell that is familiar to everyone. A thin packaging emphasizes the Esse cigarettes accessory for ladies.

The Esse cigarettes Exchange brand is famous for its unusual, innovative approach. There is a capsule in the filter of the cigarette. It is filled with a special substance with the taste of an apple and the scent of menthol. This approach enables any smoker to turn a regular cigarette into a flavored one because the tobacco odor is eliminated.

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