Chesterfield cigarettes return in 3 flavor variations in 2023

Stylish, fashionable, youthful, it was about Chester, yes, not cigarettes, but a whole subculture. And it was once quite good and fit.

Chesterfield cigarettes are a brand that appeared in 1896 in the United States of America, Missouri. In 1920, the brand in the American market won the 3rd place in sales. At that time, almost all Chesterfield cigarettes were in the “Regular Size” format with a cigarette length of 70 mm.

It was the Chesterfield brand that was the founder of the King Size format with a cigarette length of 84 mm. Now this format is the most popular and is present in most cigarette brands. Philip Morris International bought the Chesterfield brand and began to export the product to become an international brand. Currently, Chesterfield cigarettes are present in most countries of the world, they can have different designs, but the quality standards are always on top.

In 2023, the brand returns in 3 flavor variations – each for every smoker! Each product of the line meets high quality standards and is designed taking into account the different taste preferences of consumers: deep and rich, aromatic and soft, fresh and fruity.

Compared to the 2018 version, the design of the tutu has changed. The packs have a rounded shape and an “old-to-new” design. In the foreground, there is the inscription “Chesterfield” in the Gothic style. The design of the pack is light with an orange or blue bottom, depending on the strength of the cigarettes. The lower part reflects the attributes of antiquity that are characteristic of the elements of cigarette packs of the early 20th century. On the back of the pack there is information about the types of tobacco used in the product.

What are Chesterfield cigarettes?

Many smokers consider the brand of Chesterfield cigarettes as the best. Blue Red and Gold varieties of this brand belong to the budget category and at the same time are filled with really high-quality tobacco. It should be noted that they are unchanged in shape, size and color. But they are still loved and actively bought. These cigarettes use a two-component charcoal-based filter. There is a small mouthpiece for the contents. On the outside, the image of the crown is slightly visible. It is a trademark of the brand. There is nothing unusual about their smoke. The Chesterfield brand is especially popular in the United States due to its softness and good aroma.

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