Cheap cigarettes trade in smaller packs is obviously advantageous

Trading with cheap cigarettes individually and in small packs is in common logical, since low incomes make large packs inaccessible to most smokers. The same marketing logic obviously applies to richer countries, since people with the lowest incomes (poor, unemployed, and children) find it easier to find money for a small pack, rather than the standard and more expensive one.
Tobacco companies are not led by stupid people. Constant bans, restrictions and pinpoint litigation reduce the interest of investors and shareholders in the tobacco industry. All tobacco companies have already come up with a spare aerodrome, but will continue to produce cheap cigarettes as long as there is legal demand for them.
They are not afraid of numerous prohibitions of branded packs of cheap cigarettes.
What will the abolition of design with packs mean for the branding industry? The Drum talked about this with her representatives.

Founder and creative director of Taxi Studio Spencer Buck (Spencer Buck) said that the ban will inspire cigarette companies to invent new packaging that will attract the audience. He does not believe that innovation will help reduce the percentage of smokers.
“My first reaction to the news was the thought that Marlboro would simply start creating cigarette packs that made people want to buy it, and distribute these packs or, even better, sell them,” he added.

“Smokers will wear stylish tactile boxes made of metal, wool and leather. They will personalize them and fill them with the products of the brand of their choice … essentially turning the “clean packs” into “packs for replenishment”, making a wonderful mockery from the whole process”.
Fabrik Brands project manager Sophie Anderson (Sofi Anderson) is confident that the ban will provoke creative people to look for new ways to promote cigarettes, but doubts that it will affect the consumer’s decision to smoke or not to smoke.
“People rely on branding to make everyday decisions. By depriving cigarette packs, this law virtually denies the right of people to an elementary choice, she says.
“The creative industry will be forced to look for new ways to supply tobacco products, and this is probably for the best. In addition, when did we not accept such calls? ”

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