Camel cigarettes are developed by 150 teams

From the first days of its existence, Camel cigarettes create a romantic image of a free traveler around itself. By exploiting concepts such as the desire for wanderings, a love of adventure, the brand “makes a face for itself.” The very fact that Camel cigarettes were part of the rations of military units only expanded the brand charm.
The real men’s competition helps finally consolidate the image of men’s high-quality cigarettes with the character of the company. Racing, cars, adrenaline and speed are all the favorite toys of real men.

This contest becomes Camel Trophy. Over the 20 years that this speed competition has existed, more than 150 teams have already participated in it, and the event itself took place in 24 countries of the world.
This resistance of the two tobacco giants will be longer remembered by marketers and PR agents. Also playing on the psychology of buyers, Marlboro becomes for them a symbol of the forbidden, capitalist “paradise.”

In 1999, the Japanese tobacco concern Japan Tobacco purchased the business of RJL International, and with it the exclusive right to develop, manufacture and sell cigarettes under the trademark Camel, as well as Winston and Salem.
Advertising agents of the land of the rising sun thought and decided that the image of a dirty, tired traveler no longer attracts a modern man. He likes coziness, cleanliness and warmth of a home fireplace. And then it began.

First, they removed all that romantic veil, and later they refused to hold the Camel Trophy. The design of the pack itself with each new idea became more concise, until it completely turned to a golden color.
Of course, respecting the age and brand recognition, the main parts of the design were left – even the same old Joe still looks at us from a pack of high-quality cigarettes. Now the Camel cigarettes brand is striving for novelty, innovation, in the hope of maintaining the status of an elite premium brand.

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