Buying cheap cigarettes online is a new tradition in Syria

Buying cheap cigarettes online is a new tradition in Syria

The tobacco consumption in Syria is continuously expanding among the Syrian population, principally the use of various types of cigarettes. In Syria, the most people waste great amounts of money to purchase tobacco products. Syrians waste about 600 million US dollars every year to cover their needs in tobacco and, naturally, also need to find cheaper sources of tobacco products. Logically, they buy cheap cigarettes online from tobacco retailers. Despite the fact that smoking is not a traditional part of the Syrian culture, the consumption of cigarettes has turned out to be widespread. Syrians want to enjoy smoking and buy cheap cigarettes online for the only reason that they want to inhale tobacco fumes.

Syrian cigarette smokers tend to begin smoking while being youngsters, either at school or among relatives or (if these are guys) while having military service. Cigarettes are principally considered as an anti-stress remedy and a source of energy. Syrian smokers tend to see cigarette smoking as a special, unique, strictly individual passion.
In opinion of Syrian smokers, cigarettes give them a higher social status. Cigarette smokers realize that they have quite another outlook while being viewed with glowing cigarettes of top brands in their hands. Therefore, it’s not amazing that they buy cheap cigarettes online from trustworthy tobacco retailers.

What we say about the higher social status due to the tobacco use can also relate to the social status of ladies in Syria. Previously, Middle Eastern social traditions stopped ladies from smoking tobacco. Nowadays, they can freely use cigarettes and find that they can stress their new position by lighting cigarettes. Of course, they buy and will buy cheap cigarettes online!
There is else one explanation why female smokers in Syria buy cigarettes online.
Some sellers in usual shops can have prejudices against women who smoke and can refuse to sell cigarettes to them.

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