Buy Iqos cigarettes Australia with Bluetooth

Philip Morris International is able to surprise – and we are talking not only about the unsurpassed taste of natural tobacco leaves to buy Iqos Heets, but also about the whole “gentleman’s” set of various interesting functions of the device itself! One of the main innovations of the updated IQOS 2.4 Plus is the presence of a special button located in the usual place for the device cleaning button, this is a button with the “Bluetooth” icon. A logical question – why bluetooth in IQOS? However, in a device serving to deliver nicotine to the body, this function turned out to be very useful!

The fact is that many consumers of cigarettes and various nicotine delivery devices believe that they are completely independent of their habit and can buy Iqos cigarettes Australia in online shops. As you might guess, this opinion is often erroneous, and the amount of nicotine entering the body can exceed all reasonable and permissible limits. For this reason, there is a need for a certain limitation, for which it is important to visually display the amount of the consumed nicotine-containing product, on the basis of which the user will be able to analyze and draw up a certain consumption plan to buy Iqos Heets online. PMI has provided such a function by integrating it into its new IQOS 2.4 Plus device, and the ability to track the number of sticks smoked dispels doubts about why bluetooth is in IQOS.

The essence of Bluetooth communication is that the device is able to send information about usage statistics to a special application for a smartphone running Android OS. Thus, you can accurately track the number of sticks smoked per day and set certain limits for yourself.
iQos in the application you can find a lot of information useful to the consumer to buy Iqos Heets.

But why bluetooth on Iqos, if you yourself are accustomed to a certain way of hovering the device? Among other things, in the application you can find a lot of useful information for the consumer, for example, notifications about the Iqos charge level, as well as various articles on the correct use of the device, how it works and how to solve technical problems.

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