Bond cigarettes to buy at average prices

Bond cigarettes are one of the most famous in the world market, the choice of lovers of real strong tobacco of unique taste, a high quality brand. In 1919, the company was bought by representatives of American business and registered in the state of Virginia, and the Royal Crown on the coat of arms reminds of the British origins. Americans began to produce a filtered product: the influence of the social movement against smoking forced many manufacturers of tobacco products to take care of the health of their consumers.

The creators of Bond cigarettes initially positioned it in the category of average prices. The combination with a well-chosen tobacco mixture of excellent quality immediately led to its high demand. Initially, the varieties were strong. Many male smokers wanted the taste of real, quality tobacco. Light and ultra-light species were developed later. Only thin cigarettes for women differ from the usual size.

The main characteristic of Bond cigarettes, which distinguishes it from others, is the “signature” taste and aroma of tobacco with the softness of the smoke, which does not irritate the throat. The manufacturer keeps a special recipe for tobacco mixture a secret, focuses the attention of buyers on the uniqueness of the method of manufacturing its products. Proof of the correctness of the strategy is the huge popularity of cigarettes of this brand in the world.

Bond Cigarettes

What are Bond cigarettes?

This is the brand with a history, for more than a century of its existence. The history of one of the most popular brands of Bond cigarettes in the world dates back to 1902. According to legend, among the admirers of the high quality of tobacco products manufactured at the factory of Philip Morris in England, there were also high-ranking persons, including King Albert of Belgium. Wishing to express sympathy for the manufacturer, the monarch granted him a boutique “Royal Tobacco” on one of the most prestigious streets in terms of trade in the capital of Great Britain, which gave the name to the brand.

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