Bond cigarettes on the world scene

The brand of Bond cigarettes appeared on the world scene over a century ago. During its existence, the tobacco has attracted more than a million lovers of quality cigarettes.

Bond Street tobacco is known for its rich taste and high quality. The Bond Street brand was first launched in 1902, and has never ceased to be popular among tobacco enthusiasts.

Today, Bond Street offers a wide range of tobacco brands and flavors to meet the needs of different smokers. They can choose cigarettes to suit their personal tastes and moods. If you need a classic Bond cigarette, you can buy them on our website, as you can any other type of product.

Street Compact Super Mix Bond cigarettes are one of the most popular brands manufactured by Philip Morris International.

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The online store works only with original professional-grade products for universal use. The products on the site meet strict requirements for quality and safety, which is confirmed by certificates.

Place your order of Bond cigarettes online. Managers will contact you and clarify the necessary information. If you have any questions or doubts, our consultants will help you decide on the right products. Taking into account your wishes, preferences in aromas, intensity, and the presence of resins, you will be offered a profitable option for purchase.

What are Bond cigarettes?

Bond cigarettes are of the compact type. Each pack contains 20 filtered cigarettes, allowing smokers to smoke more gently. The tar and nicotine content of these cigarettes complies with standard values: 5 mg tar and 0.5 mg nicotine. Each cigarette contains five capsules, with fruit, berry, and raspberry, lime and menthol flavors. These indicators correspond to international quality standards for tobacco products. Cigarette prices are in the middle of the market, making them affordable for most consumers. Whether you smoke regularly or occasionally, Bond Street Compact Supermix cigarettes are the ideal choice for those who appreciate quality, affordability and rich flavors.

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