One teenager, telling about the life with discount cigarettes

Recently, I visited my psychologist. It so happened that I am a rather reserved person. Because of this, I have daily headaches. Well, Alexander (psychologist) said that I need to share my secrets with my relatives. Speak what’s inside.
The thought of smoking immediately came to mind. For a long time I want to tell someone about it, but … It is difficult to confess that I seek for discount cigarettes in web stores since a long time.

It happened a year or two ago, and my smoking was still only pampering. I didn’t smoke anything heavier than Kiss cigarettes .. and somehow it turned out that between me and my best friend there was a conversation about smoking, and, being a real brave, I revealed my “secret” … I no longer had the best girlfriends at they got to know that I purchase discount cigarettes in web stores.

I remember a pair of years ago, I caught my mother smoking. She reminded me a twelve-year-old schoolgirl, by God, because as soon as I went to bed, she immediately took her apple Kiss cigarettes, moved to the balcony and, frantically looking back, tried to smoke a cigarette. Soon, as expected, she ceased. Since childhood, she was brainwashed by the fact that female smoking is a terrible crime and that I should never even think about it. Her morals, as you can see, were not as effective as expected.
I also have an older brother, with whom, by the way, I have a wonderful relationship. He is an avid smoker, but, as he says, he hates this habit. He has recently finished his army service and from somewhere he learned that I got involved in the “bad company” and began to walk, finding out everything about what I had been doing all the time while he was gone. However, recently we crawled into the bar, where he allowed me to smoke a hookah. Now I want some advice.
Did you tell your family members about your habit and what was the reaction?

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