L&M cigarettes were a landmark phenomenon

In the first half of the nineties, a landmark phenomenon occurred for tobacco users. Relatively inexpensive L&M cigarettes appeared, which quickly became popular. They combined mild taste and moderate strength.

The composition was dominated by elite Virginia tobacco. At the same time, the price of L&M cigarettes was not low compared to other brands. It was not high either, rather average. This factor has contributed to the popularity of L&M cigarettes since 1993. Experts in the field of tobacco products always rated L&M cigarettes as (literally) “very good”. Thanks to the brand, which was a product of a company known all over the world, people quickly got used to elite tobacco.

Its taste in L&M cigarettes was most fully manifested. The name comes from the manufacturer Ligget & Mayers (“Ligget & Mayers”), which office is located in Switzerland. It, in turn, represents the well-known tobacco concern Phillip Morris, which is the author of brands that have been embodying the tobacco industry for many years. L&M cigarettes gradually gained popularity not only in Australia, but worldwide. Today, the brand is known in almost any civilized country.

Today’s situation for trade, in contrast to the one that existed 20-25 years ago, is much more advantageous. This applies to both sellers and consumers. Today, it is completely possible to buy L&M cigarettes online cheaply and not to lose.

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What are L&M cigarettes?

There are many lines of L&M cigarettes. They differ in the size of cigarettes, shape, and nicotine content. Among the entire variety of L&M cigarettes, the most popular ones are: Blue L&M cigarettes – Blue Label. Have a lower content of nicotine (0.4 mg) and tar (4 mg); Red L&M cigarettes – Red Label. Designed for fans of strong products. The nicotine content is 0.8 mg, and the tar content is 10 mg. At the time of product penetration into the market, the classic red variety dominated. But after increasing the production of blue, it gained great popularity.

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