LD Cigarettes Australia let you discover a totally new world of smoking

LD Cigarettes Australia let you discover a totally new world of smoking

LD Cigarettes will let you discover a totally new world of smoking. After the launch of the varieties of LD Superslims, a survey was conducted, which showed that these cigarettes are chosen not only by women, but also by men. This interest of the male to thin cigarettes led to the creation of a new line – LD Club (club). An innovative idea was the use of special paper, which made it possible to produce brown cigarettes.

Today we will tell you a story about how we decided to experiment with cigarettes for a while. We think many smokers agree with us that if you started smoking cigarettes alone, then it’s very difficult to switch to others – they seem “easier” or “completely unpleasant.”

One day, we decided to discuss why we smoke cigarettes. At that time, however, as now, we preferred only one brand (we will not name what; we think it will not be interesting). My friend said that she has long been smoking these very cigarettes, which we actually write now and recall – LD Club Lounge. She said that they are very good, besides, they smell nice chocolate. And after a while, we decided to try them.

Outwardly these are absolutely usual slim cigarettes “for girls” in a brown packing “a-la chocolate”.

You can sense a very pleasant aroma, similar to the smell of chocolate right out of the open pack. For this reason, subsequently these cigarettes were on sale with the nickname LD Chocolate. The cigarettes themselves are made in the Slim format. Cigarettes are wrapped in brown paper, like a filter part, and a piece stuffed with tobacco. The taste of smoke at LD Club Lounge is a little sweet, with a steady but not the sugary taste of chocolate. Cigarettes are quite strong, 6 mg / cigar – tar, 0.5 mg / cigar – nicotine, but the throat does not tear. The smoke is soft, fragrant. The pack itself is very compact; it does not stick in your pocket, especially in the breast pocket. To get cigarettes is also very convenient, even with one hand. It is very correct to buy such a variety of LD Cigarettes because of a few reasons. First, it is the beautiful design of the pack, it is original and beautiful.
Secondly, the pleasant taste of cigarettes. And thanks to brown cigarette paper, their taste becomes more pleasant and spicy!

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