Iqos Heets Yellow sticks equipped with a biopolymer mass

What are Iqos Heets Yellow sticks? They are called the best option for those who are just starting to use the Iqos tobacco heating system and have not yet had time to get used to its unusual taste and aroma. The inner filling of a tobacco stick is represented by two components – a filter and a tobacco sleeve. Since the device uses high temperatures, the filtering part is equipped with a biopolymer mass, which is designed to protect the respiratory and oral cavity organs. This is the main difference between the filter elements of tobacco sticks and classic cigarettes.

As confirmed by user reviews, it is recommended to purchase sticks in yellow packages when you first get to know a smoking device. Iqos Heets Yellow sticks are ideal for lady users. They smoke normally and are suitable for everyday consumption. Experienced smokers compare their flavors to Parliament Blue cigarettes.

So what is it, consumption of Iqos Heets Yellow sticks? Each stick consists of two elements – a filter and a tobacco sleeve. To protect the smoker from hot steam, the filter element is equipped with a biopolymer mass baked under the influence of temperature conditions. This is the difference between a tobacco stick filter and a standard cigarette.

Tobacco leaves are cut into small crumbs, impregnated with glycerin and propylene glycol, which stabilize and enhance flavoring aromas, and then with nicotine. As a result of their mutual action during heating, the elements form a nicotine mixture that does not contain tar and combustion products. This feature eliminates the smell of smoke, which is so unpleasant for most people in your environment. The device for Iqos Heets Yellow sticks does not emit smoke, the smoker enjoys tobacco vapors containing nicotine and glycerin.

The peculiarity of the functioning of the smoking device is that the recharging time and a certain heating period reduce the amount of nicotine entering the user’s body. There is one more functional difference – the user independently adjusts the strength of the nicotine mixture by performing short puffs. The explanation is simple – the more often the puffs, the higher the temperature regime, which increases the taste of tobacco.

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