Camel cigarettes are famous in Australia

In 1913, Camel cigarettes were first sold and then they had become available in Australia. The Camel cigarettes trademark is the design of the pack and, above all, the image of the dromedary experienced a meteoric rise and an unbroken success to this day.
The cigarette with the unique character also prevailed in our country. And Camel cigarettes have always made a name for themselves with unusual actions.

Camel is a word, a name that is famous in Australia. You can buy Camel cigarettes as a classic cigarette brand Camel Filter: in the normal King Size pack, as Big Pack, Maxi Pack up to 4XL pack and in 100mm format. It is the typical Turkish & American blend tobacco that distinguishes these Camel cigarettes and also manages to show their unique features.
In addition to the well-known Filtered Camel cigarettes, we also offer the Camel Blue as a decent cigarette in a subtle, nice taste. You canalso smoke the popular Camel cigarettes as cigarettes without additives. The Essential Blue as well as the Essential Filters are made of 100% pure tobacco, without preservatives and flavorings and offer you a smoke enjoyment from 100% whole tobacco leaves without additives – that is the essence of the Camel Essential Flavor

The well-known logo on each camel pack shows a dromedary, which belongs to the camel family and creates a connection to the Orient. This logo thus indicates the typical Turkish and American blend tobacco mixture with which these cigarettes are made and give them that special smoke note.
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Bulk filters are king size Camel cigarettes and one of the world’s best known brands. Turkish and American Blend bring cigarette smokers a spicy taste that is rounded off by an oriental aromatic aroma.

Characteristics: Camel Filter, Turkish & American Blend as well as the filtered version.
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